Flavor Trends, Strategies and Solutions for Menu Development


2.Making Condiments Count

Condiments offer comforting familiarity with the potential to carry huge flavor impact. Pesto mayo, though, is not enough. We even need to peer around the corner beyond Sriracha-spiked ketchup. What’s next? What’s the secret sauce in craveability?



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What Flavor Means to Me

BY Maira Morales | Oct 25, 2016
It's an art where all five senses take place as one

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Moments of Flavor

BY Nick Philp | Sep 25, 2016
Achieving a remarkable flavor experience

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Flavor-First Approach

BY Rob Corliss | Sep 15, 2016
When we strip every conversation away from our food experiences, it all comes down to Flavor.

Flavor According To | Insights

What is Flavor?

BY Mike Buononato | Sep 6, 2016
When we strip every conversation away from our food experiences, it all comes down to Flavor.



A hearty hash made with cubed Idaho® Potatoes, braised short ribs and eggs. A delicious dish that will really stick to your customers’ ribs.
Pig out on these golden fried Idaho® Potatoes topped with mouthwatering carnitas, chorizo and bacon. Makes for a delicious starter dish or sharable plate.
Hand-made Idaho® Potato dough is formed, boiled and browned with a savory wild mushroom melange.


Cornmeal + Blackberries + Texas Pete® Honey Mustard Sauce

Quinn Adkins uses this go-to trifecta in a soft polenta or in a polenta cake, or as a signature crouton for salads or soups

Clockwise from top left: Guests enjoyed inspired cuisine at the culinary center’s opening reception; host chefs Mark Garcia and Kent Rathbun; the versatile facility will serve as a hands-on culinary center and also as AVO University beginning in January; AFM President Alvaro Luque kicked off the celebration

Avocados From Mexico opens new state-of-the-art Culinary Center which will serve to further education and culinary innovation.

Smoked Pineapple Gimlet And Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita - Made With Monin

Beverage specialists at Monin have tapped into two major trends that hold big opportunity in the incredibly dynamic universe of modern cocktails

Umami Tuna Poke with sambal, garlic, Umami Concentrated Flavor and toasted sesame seeds

In his Umami Tuna Poke, Chad Lance finds that balance by replacing soy sauce with Monin® Umami Concentrated Flavor


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Saxon & Parole presents a dramatic pork feast, holding a last kiss of smoke under a glass dome. #PorkCrawl t.co/34fGM55uyQ

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